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Tooth whitening

At TBN we manufacture plastic rails or gel spoons, designed for your teeth. We use opalescence bleach that you put in the rail and let it work for 6-10 hours preferably during your sleep. You repeat this procedure until the desired result has been achieved.


Is it safe?


Tooth whitening has become more common. We have chosen to work with a well-proven material, opalescence. Several studies have shown that it is safe. It meets European legislation for dental materials. The active substance is carbamide peroxide which breaks down and oxygen is formed which penetrates and bleaches the tooth.



How does it work?


Gel spoons are made to exactly fit your teeth. These spoons are filled with opalescence gel which you then sleep with. The process usually takes between 3-10 nights. How bright your teeth are depends on the starting position and how many nights you choose to whiten your teeth. For best results, the teeth should be free of tartar and superficial discoloration.



How long will it last?


The duration depends on the patient's eating habits of colorful substances such as tobacco, coffee, tea and red wine. If you save your gel spoons / rails you can always bleaching again at a later time.


Are there any side effects?


You can experience increased sensitivity in the teeth during bleaching time.


Laser whitening

We do not perform laser whitening as it does not achieve the same results as home bleaching and has an increased risk of creating strong odors.

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