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General dental contribution (ATB)

The dental contribution is a yearly allowance for every Swedish citizen.  The amount is depending on age:

  • 0-23  y.o.                  Free

  • 24-29 y.o.                600 kr

  • 30-65 y.o.                300 kr

  • 65+ y.o.                   600 kr 

Special dental contribution (STB)

Special dental contribution target patients with diseases or disabilities with increased risks of impaired oral health.


Special dental contribution gives an allowance of 600 SEK every six months. This is a complement to the general dental contribution. The contribution is paid out by the insurance fund.


Do you think you can be entitled to this contribution you can always ask us and we will help you to make an assessment at the clinic.


Which diseases are covered and what documentation is needed?

The required documentation depends on the patient's diagnosis or condition. You can always ask your doctor for a printed journal.


Below are examples of diseases that can entitle to STB:


-Difficult diabetes


-Cystic fibrosis


-Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease or bowel failure

-Erosions on the teeth due to anorexia, bulimia or gastroesophageal reflux disease

-Dry mouth caused by prolonged drug/medicine treatment

-Radiation treatment against head / neck

-Sjögren's syndrome


High cost protection

The high-cost protection protects you from high dental costs. This means that you only pay part of the cost for expensive treatments. The Swedish Social Insurance Agency pays compensation for the rest of the costs.



Dental care up to SEK 3,000

The patient pays full price.

Dental care between SEK 3,000-15,000

50 percent in compensation.

Dental care over SEK 15,000

85 percent in compensation.


We always offer a free consultation. Contact us to know more about the protection or go to


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