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Dental hygienist


Dental hygienist treatment can be a preventative treatment as well as a disease treatment. The treatment consists of an examination of the patient's tooth pockets, removal of tartar, cleaning and polishing of the teeth.


At TBN Tandhälsa we can also perform airflow, fluoride treatments and saliva analysis.


Tartar removal


The saliva consists of salts and components that contribute to plaque and bacteria hardening. Plaque and bacteria easily attaches to the tooth. With lack of oral hygien the plaque amount increases in the mouth. The plaque is calcified by the saliva and hardens which is then called tartar and can longer be brushed away. To remove the tartar we use our dental equipment in the practice.


Tartar can also lead to bad breath since it facilitates attachment for more bacteria leading to inflamed gums. An inflamed gum, gingivitis, can eventually contribute to tooth loss.


Fluoride profylax


Flour can repair superficial caries and protect your teeth from acidic attacks.


Today, added flour is found in most toothpastes. Many people have toothpaste as their only fluoride supplement but people at high risk of caries may need more intensive fluoride treatment.


A fluoride treatment can help to stop and cure superficial caries. Flouride treatment is also a recommended treatment for mouth dry patients who run a greater risk of caries attacks.


Flour treatment is available in several performances. At the clinic we make an individual treatment plan. 


Saliva analysis


We offer saliva analyzes along with examination to test mouth dryness.

Do you think you suffer from mouth dryness we can help you diagnose the underlying cause and make up a treatment plan.


Saliva is the mouth's natural protection against acid attack. The saliva contains good bacteria that binds to the tooth surface and neutralize the pH-level in the mouth. If the saliva levels are disturbed bad bacteria are increasing in the mouth and can thereby increase the risk of several dental diseases. A well-functioning saliva is therefore crucial for your oral health, well being and your primary protection against acidic attacks.




Airflow is a treatment that removes discoloration on the tooth surface and make the teeth naturally whiter.


The treatment consists of a salt water mixture which eliminates the stains and discoloration in a gentle manner. The result is clean, polished teeth and naturally whiter teeth.



Periodontitis - Tooth loss


First sign of periodontitis is dark read, swollen and bleeding gums. When the gum is bleeding, it means that you have an inflammation of the gum - gingivitis.


Periodontitis means that you have a loss of attachment between the teeth and the jawbone which at a late stage can lead to tooth mobility and tooth loss. Periodontitis results in a wider dental pocket which becomes a habitat for bad bacteria. Periodontitis detected at an early stage can be treated and stallen.


Periodontitis is a disease that is bacterially related. Usually three particularly aggressive bacteria are found in connection with periodontitis. They destroy the tooth attachment and, in the long run, also the surrounding jaw bone. To stop the disease process, the first step is to clean the tooth pockets from coatings, tartar and bacteria so that the pockets can heal. Smoking can quicken periodontitis development.


Today, much research is being done to find out the relations between periodontitis / gingivitis and cardiovascular problems. Several research studies show that there is a connection. The same bacteria detected in periodontitis is seen in the blood circulation of patients with cardiovascular problems.


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